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The game box includes 3 sub-games in the form of 3 booklets“Play Theater of Crumbs”, “Build a Bread House”, and “Become Bakers without Borders”; a board with two faces for Game 2 and Game 3; and 20 cards used in Game 3. The game has a primary social mission, because in addition to families, schools, and kindergartens, it is perfect and greatly beneficial for people with disabilities, traumas and depression, and various social institutions (orphanages, elderly people’s homes, hospitals, rehab groups and centers, etc.).







The game is designed for mixed groups:

  • Families
  • Children & Youngsters (kindergartens & schools)
  • People with special needs (mental & physical disabilities; trauma)
  • People from diverse cultural backgrounds, refugees, immigrants
  • Bakers and Bakeries (social enterprises)

The game is printed on certified recycled paper.

Game Books


Welcome! We are Nadezhda and Stefan Grigorovi, a family and the creators of the Bakers Without Borders game. NadEzhko is our good-spirited, adventurous, traveling hedgehog! His name means “to be above pricking others (above anger)”, and he is, indeed, a hedgehog with soft spines and a soft heart. NadEzhko teaches the children how to become good adults, and teaches the adults how to become good children again.

NadEzhko is the name of our family company, which we founded in 2014, and it is the name of our social enterprise bakery “Bread House” in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. With our mascot NadEzhko, we develop all educational and game materials. Our creations support the social programs of the Bread Houses Network (www.breadhousesnetwork.org), which Nadezhda initiated in 2009 and now connects more than a hundred people in about 20 countries on 5 continents. Nadezhda developed innovative art therapy methods involving bread-making, called “Bread therapy”, and have been globally recognized by social workers, psychologists, and social organizations.

For her travels with a social cause across more than 70 countries, in 2012 National Geographic awarded Nadezhda with the global recognition “Traveler with a mission of the year”. As you read her stories and adventures in the game, we hope that you will also become inspired to imagine ways to catalyze social change, to explore the beauty of the world, to respect its different cultures and also to love and preserve your own values and cultural traditions.

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