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“Bakers Without Borders”

For our English version we now offer a promotional price

Promotional price 57 Euros / 67 Dollars

Shipping fee depends on your location

Buy the Game and we will support you in creating and opening your own sourdough bread bakery as an ecological social business. You will receive our consulting and recipes for free! It is not just a game, it is our social franchise summarized in 3 games in one box that can change your life.
We hope that more Bread Houses will open around the world and help their communities.

Size of the game 37 cm / 36 cm / 7,5 cm, 1,3 kg

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The game in GERMAN is available for immediate distribution, order through our German site-version! 


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“The Adventures of NadEzhko”

The books will be available for distribution starting from October 30th, 2017.

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Percentage of all proceeds from the sales of the game are donated to the Bread Houses Network ( to support its social programs for free bread therapy sessions with people with disabilities and traumas in Bulgaria and other countries. If you would like, you can also donate, or as we like to call it “dough-nate”, directly to the Bread Houses Network social programs at this link: