Our dear friend Breezy Willow, who is the visionary of the World Bake Bread for Peace Day each October, recently employed the game at St. Vincent’s All Boys School in the Glasnevin Neighborhood, Dublin, Ireland. During her visit to the school, Breezy worked with five groups of students between the ages of 13-17.

Here Breezy shares what transpired during her visit to the school: “We talked about the conflict we have in our own lives, for example conflict with teachers as a result of not having homework or assignments completed on time, we talked about how such conflict could be avoided, leading to a more peaceful life. Some of the boys were having trouble with being bullied, name called and such things. This [the bread-making] led to a really honest conversation between everyone and even some of the boys who had been bullying others made some commitments to change…When we played The Theater of Crumbs, I was blown away with the stories that some of the boys came up with.”

Thank you, Breezy, for passionately baking bread for #peace!

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Breezy Willow