Send us and share with the rest of the world your videos of Kitchen Music songs that you created in Game 3. You can also send us just the text of your song (your poem). You can record a video (for ex: with a cell phone), and send them to us as You Tube links or attached files.

Keep composing, playing and, along with break dance, keep breaking bread!

As it once happened during a community baking event in Harlem, New York, a group of kids and even policemen and teenage gang members, all created together a song jokingly called “Harlem Bake”, as they played on the name of the famous video “Harlem Shake” and sang how important it is not to put money (called “dough” in slang) first, but to value the real bread dough and to share it with love! Let’s play music around the real dough and have a real good bake dance!



“BreadBuilding”: 75 Fulbright Teachers Making Bread and Singing in a teambuilding

Kitchen Music at the Bread House, Sept.2017

Sofia, Bulgaria

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Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova

New York, USA

Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova

Princeton, USA