Peter-photoBread, the beloved universal symbol of life and transformation, is now brought to us in yet a new way, through the interactive, engaging game of Bakers Without Borders. So, even if you can’t immediately bake a loaf from flour in your oven, you can still figuratively participate in the multi-dimensional efficacy of bread as both a personal and collective image of unity and harmony, as both a social business model and a tool for therapy and transformative life-long education. It is a game but it is also so much more.

Peter Reinhart, USA
Baker and author, “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice”

Lutz-photoThis game needs time, just as good bread needs time. And this is what makes it special. It is an image of our world – reduced to bread. It’s up to the players to change their world, to bake good bread and with it to help their playmates and their community. An exciting and impressive game, which focuses on cooperation rather than confrontation.

Lutz Geißler, Germany
Consulting/recipes/workshops/lectures and books for home bakers and professionals

Asmund-photoThis game is about how bread and bread making may be inspiring teachers for healing social and cultural conflicts. In coming together around our most central food, we all become bakers without borders and can help the world, crumb by crumb, to become a little better place.

Dr. Asmund Bjornstad, Norway
Professor of Plant Breeding, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and author, «Our daily bread: A history of cereals”


The book-game „Bakers without Borders“ is distinguished by a unique game concept based on the exciting experiences and travels of its creator Nadezhda. It reflects the findings from her research and the work with mixed groups in an impressive way. The players are given the opportunity not only to experience the process of baking bread from a new perspective, but also to develop their creativity. They will be inspired to think about the true values in life and to fight for the good – in the real world as well.

Vasilena Petkova
Translator of the game in German, creator of the platforms www.microbusinesshero.de and www.business-nemski.com

I think love is the one thing that inspires us most powerfully to achieve our goals. The love for bread and breadmaking is an inspiration for many people. I sensed the freedom to create something full of love, and I committed a part of me in this game. It is an amazing social experiment, which brings joy to young and old. It provokes our creativity and our imagination. Each person playing this game is overtaken by something true and deeply meaningful

Nadya Andreeva
Graphic Designer of the game, Art Director of Tutti Frutti Creative Studio