Number of players: the game can be played in small groups (2 to 8 people) and large groups (8 to 25 people, as optimal result is achieved with 15 players)
Play time: 1 to 1.5 hours
Required tools: different kinds of seeds (each player plays with 20 seeds); a pen; optional: a sheet of paper and glue

The second game “Build a Bread House” is a strategy game that teaches you the skills and spirit of a social entrepreneur, and it is played on a board; you learn that as you cooperate and invest together with love, both your money (symbolized in this game as grains placed on the board) and your talents that are used and spent will multiply.

Practical guide to start your own Bread House social business

  • Children and adults, learn the spirit and skills to be a social entrepreneur
  • Develop skills for leadership and teamwork, decision-making and strategic thinking
  • Share the life lessons we learned

The game includes our illustrated special recipe for sourdough starter and bread.

This game can change any time you play it, depending on the social business that all players decide to create together: anything from a chocolate factory, a pizza place, an ice cream shop, or any other food business, to whatever other enterprises you imagine and invent (with computers and technologies; sport; etc.). The key is that this game will teach you how to make your enterprise have a social cause and help solve a social problem and engage people in need by creating and strengthening communities around the business.



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