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Page Length: 33 pages, dimensions: 22×22 cm

Book 1: HedgeHope at Home in Bulgaria inspires you to:

  • Acquire the virtue of “GIVING”, or how to share and be generous without expecting in return
  • Learn important lessons from the inspiring life of the Bulgarian national patron saint, St. John of the Rila Mountain
  • Explore the beautiful local geography and architecture through the thousand-year-old town of Nessebar by the sea and the Rila Monastery up in the mountains
  • Weave a traditional “chiprovski kilim”, a Bulgarian carpet type from the village of Chiprovtzi
  • Make at home the traditional recipe for “ribnik”, a special Bulgarian dish of a whole fish wrapped in bread made for the feast of sailors…

…and, in the meantime, learn who is HedgeHope the baker and sail on a boat with him heading for intriguing adventures!

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