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Page Length: 37 pages, dimensions: 22×22 cm

Book 3: HedgeHope in Cappadocia inspires you to:

  • Acquire the virtue of “HUMILITY”, or how to learn to never consider yourself better but to be happy to serve others
  • Learn important lessons from the inspiring lives of St. Basil, founder of the first hospital in history, and St. John the Russian, a foreigner enslaved in Cappadocia and living as a simple (horse) groom
  • Fly a balloon and explore the beautiful local geography and architecture: be careful not to get lost among the unique natural formations from volcanic stone, or in the centuries-old rock-hewn churches and underground labyrinth cities
  • Make “ebru” and experience this ancient art of drawing in water
  • Prepare at home the traditional recipe for “gozleme” bread, and find out what is “Cappadocian pot kebab and “tandur

…and, in the meantime, keep sharing the intriguing adventures of HedgeHope!

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