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Page Length: 41 pages, dimensions: 22×22 cm

Book 4: HedgeHope in the Holy Lands, Israel and Palestine inspires you to:

  • Acquire the virtue of ”FORGIVENESS”, аnd understand how much sweeter it feels to forgive than to keep offense and hatred inside
  • Celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem, experience the wonderful traditions of Arab Christians, and greet each other with “Milad Majid”
  • Explore the ancient Holy Lands, where Christ Himself was born (in Bethlehem) and lived, died and resurrected (in Jerusalem), and learn about the three Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam
  • Learn the local craft of woodcarving Nativity scenes out of olive wood
  • Find out what is “shakshuka”…
  • Make the special Middle Eastern cookie “maamoul”…

…and, in the meantime, keep sharing the intriguing adventures of HedgeHope!

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